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Kaleidoscope Institute is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to inspire and support health and wellness to those in need of inner renewal and personal balance.  

We are currently seeing qualified individuals to serve on our team of volunteers, teaching professionals, and board of directors.

If you are committed to facilitating balance and beauty to the world read on and connect with us today!


Making a Beautiful Life

Kaleidoscope Institute

Join us for a CRUX Retreat

Spring 2024

Our mission

To facilitate all facets of personal wellness to support balanced kaleidoscopic growth for better living.


In an age of continual change it can be difficult to find grounding.


We build and lose relationships, develop and change careers, start and leave families – and sometimes we can't see the connections of where we were and where we are now.   As life evolves, we leave behind pieces that may appear lost or belong to different versions of ourself.

At Kaleidoscope Institute we work together to find and understand the pieces of our lives and align them to a current perspective, embracing the many colors that tell our story and define our personal kaleidoscope of beauty.



Our Story

Through self-awareness,

knowledge, and supporting people – you can build the beautiful life you desire


Comischell Bradley-Rodriguez

Mother of three driven young adults, entrepreneur and active philanthropist – Comischell is a Stephens Minister, founder of the San Diego organization "Women in Living Color", and currently a financial services professional. 

Coleen Dietsch-Krubl Headshot.png
Coleen Dietsch-Krubl

Mother of two rambunctious children in elementary school, organizer, and podcast host – Coleen was former Director of Health Initiatives for American Cancer Society in Ohio and currently the producer and host of Mom Powers.

Getting There

Crux Retreat

Courageous Revival in Unified Exploration

Experience total submersion into self-discovery and revival of health and wellness in a natural environment. The 3-day CRUX retreat is designed for women and tailored for each of our guests. Based on your input and proven methods of wellness, our team goes to work and develops a roadmap to nurturing the most critical aspect, or crux, of your vision.

Everyone will have a different experience, yet everyone will work together towards their personal goals. Throughout the day you will engage in group sessions with our team's experts on health and wellness, and at night we will work together to fill in the gap between the knowledge learned and your vision. 

On the last day – if you are ready – you will commit to a plan of nurturing the crux of your vision. Our supporting community will be with you on your journey and support you making a beautiful life.  

When and Where

A location for the Spring 2024 retreat is being determined.

If you are interested in the retreat and would like to be notified when registration becomes live, then please fill out the form below.


join our community

If you would like to participate in supporting our mission as a volunteer, professional, or retreat attendee, please use the form below to give us your contact information.  

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